The ideal school

The ideal school

A safe yet challenging environment which connects all stakeholders through its focus on valuable learning

Its key factors being:


  • the interactions and relationships people have, develop and uphold

  • systems and structures in a school; the (un)written rules

  • the behaviour of the teacher in and towards his environment

  • time allowed for children; to respond, to act, to practice, to think, to learn, to play, to explain etc.

  • the physical learning environment

  • all possible ways of learning input and output

  • expectations in all areas and at all levels

  • the use of language

Connecting people through a focus on valuable learning. Meaning three things foremost: 

  1. it’s all about learning, growth, development etc. In evaluations, discussions, meetings, reports etc. The relation between parents, school and children is paramount for the succes of learning. And vice versa, the focus on valuable learning is the key to a meaningful relation between them.

  2. Creating meaningful relations through valuable content. Engaging in what we learn, establishes our connections.

  3. Valuable content is found through creating and expanding meaningful relations between people.  Listen! What to learn best in the best possible way is to be heard and seen in the people around you,


And finally: valuable learning is both complex and context rich. It will require a continuous effort by all involved; valuable learning demands hard work, but is great fun.

Schemes, concepts and people who claim otherwise are tailoring for the emperor’s new clothes. Google that if you have to.